Is it Easier to Win Money Playing Real Online Poker or Slot Machine Poker?

If you are wondering is it easier to win money playing real online poker or slot machine poker (a popular variant being 99 domino poker), the answer comes down to a few key factors. Although both games are similar as far as the rules, these games are miles apart as far as the playing environment. Compare these major differences and you will quickly see which one is the easier to play.

Here are some of the key differences between real online poker and slot machine poker:

The Speed of the Poker Game

The biggest difference between real online poker and slot machine poker is the speed of the game. With real online poker, there are turbo tables where you have seconds to act or your hand is folded. Even games with lower limits still have a timer on you, and you can have your pocket aces mucked if you are not quick to act or you get cute trying to slow-play online. With the slot machine poker games, you can take as long as you like to make a decision. You could go online and research what to do in a certain hand, use the bathroom, have dinner, and the hand will still be waiting for you. With regards to the speed of the game, if you want a relaxed gaming experience, slot machine poker is the way to go for sure.

The Pressure from Players

Another difference between real online poker and slot machine poker is the players in the game. With online poker, you have a table of real players trying to knock you off your hand. They are going to bluff, they are going to push you off your hand, and it is you against seven other players each hand. With the slot machine poker, it is you against the computer. With slot machine poker, you can play one hand at a time, you can play two hands, and there are some machines where you can play a dozen hands at the same time. The only one you are playing against is you at the slot machine poker games. The cards will be dealt and you are trying to make the best possible hand to be paid, no bluffs, no pot bullies, and no pressure.

The Skill of Online Poker

When playing online poker, you not only have to learn about the hands values, you have to brush up on pot odds and player tells. If you are making little mistakes like folding your hand to a raise on a draw, the other players can pick up on it and bust you out. With the slot machine poker, you only need to know what hand beats another and the right cards to muck to improve the hand that you were dealt.

Now you should have a better understanding to the question is it easier to win money playing real online poker or slot machine poker? Just remember that you are in control of your game, and if you find one is more relaxing or rewarding, then you play that game at your speed and your skill level.

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